98 | 800-872-3884 • WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM MOTOTRBO MOBILE RADIO ACCESSORIES COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY MICROPHONE ACCESSORIES MOBILE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER Microphone Hang-Up Clip (Requires installation) HLN9073 Universal Microphone Hang-Up Clip (No installation required) HLN9414 10-Foot Mobile Microphone Extension Cable PMKN4033 20-Foot Mobile Microphone Extension Cable PMKN4034 Compact Microphone Replacement Cable 3075336B07 Heavy Duty Keypad Microphone Replacement Cable 3075336B10 HOW CAN I COMMUNICATE SAFELY IN MY VEHICLE? The IMPRES Visor Microphone mounts to your vehicle’s visor for safe, convenient communication. Press the external push-to-talk button on the steering wheel to converse without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. IMPRES Audio compensates for the distance of the visor mic from your mouth so that your radio communications are loud and clear. XPR 5000 XPR 5000e SERIES XPR 4000 SERIES XPR 2 500 SERIES XPR 4000 SERIES XPR 5000 XPR 5000e SERIES