98 800-872-3884 WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM CP200d KEEP THEM FOCUSED ON THE GO A wide selection of styles fit the way you work – from discreet clear acoustic tube styles to over-the-ear styles. With in-line push-to-talk and microphones, these accessories are easy to access on the go, so you can stay focused on the job. When you need a cost-effective solution for light-duty users, trust Mag One ™ , the only value line tested and certified by Motorola. They extend the value of your radios without breaking your budget and are ideal for hospitality, security and retail teams. COMMERCIAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES EARPIECES AND MAG ONE ™ ACCESSORIES CP 200 d AND SL 300 SERIES PORTABLE RADIOS EARPIECES DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER EARPIECE TYPE MICROPHONE Earbud with combined microphone and PTT PMLN6533 Earbud Mic and PTT combined on a single wire D-Style Earpiece with microphone and push-to-talk PMLN6535 D-Style Mic and PTT combined on a single wire Flexible Ear Receiver (Receive Only) BDN6720 Over-the-Ear Replacement Foam Ear Cushion (for BDN6720A) 7580372E11 Mag One Swivel Earpiece with in-line microphone and push-to-talk PMLN6532 Over-the-Ear In-Line Mag One Earbud with in-line microphone, push-to-talk and VOX switch PMLN6534 Earbud In-Line