Public Safety

Voice Recording

Motorola Dispatch/Consoles

Equipment Specs


  • Hybrid VoiP chassis
  • Easy-to-use operator interface
  • Redundant power supplies
  • RAID-1 hard drive
  • Windows Embedded operating system

User Features

Search parameters
Time/date of call, channel name, channel number, call classification, CID, DTMF, ANI, In/out-bound, keyword or phrase , agent notes, account number, social security number, duration, locked calls, locking user, tagged calls, user-defined parameters, custom alpha-numeric data field. Optional CTI integration fields.

Playback and incident reconstruction
Multi-channel live monitor, continuous playback, loop playback, playback recorded audio with or without silent periods. View audio records, plotted in a time coordinate with graphical scenario reconstruction. Insert spoken date, time and channel announcement at beginning or end of file playback.

Full-feature graphical reporting including call volume by hour and channel, system status, remote users, user activity, and media library.

Customizable data presentation
User defined data fields can be renamed and reordered.

Setup and security
System access/denial programmable by administrator for users by function and by channel. Lifetime antivirus protection.

Remote access
Remote client package included.

System diagnostics
System health monitoring, channel inactivity notification, activity reports, and user definable multi-level alarms.

Customer Support

To talk with someone about buying new or used equipment, or to add on to your existing system, call us today at 800-872-3884