School Interoperability

School Interoperability

Tactical Repeaters for Schools

The C-AT ICRI-2PE and ICRI-2PED tactical repeaters, with 250’ and 500’ cable (audio) reels provide a reliable, lightweight, waterproof and rapidly deployable solution to enhancing coverage of an agency’s existing portable radios in areas of marginal or complete loss of radio communications.

Fire fighting and law enforcement activities under the most adverse confined spaces conditions of buildings and tunnels are no longer impeded by intermittent or complete loss of radio communications with an operation’s C2 personnel. Teams 5000’ inside a structure enjoy reliable communications with one another and their OIC outside the structure without degradation of audio.

The ICRI-2PE/D is an elegantly simple and highly effective solution to enhance radio coverage during USAR, SWAT and RECON entry team operations andeliminate the need for traditionally relayed messages from entry team personnel to those outside using an agency’s existing radios.

The ICRI-2PE/D provides an elegantly simple and highly effective and decon-able kit operating on 6 “AA” batteries for 24+ hours. As with all ICRI models, the ICRI-2PE/D uses an agency’s existing radios. The ICRI-2PE/D is frequency and radio agnostic, permitting use as cross-band, cross-platform and cross-encryption repeater. Radios and phones maybe connected directly to the ICRI-2PE/D.

ICRIs and cable reels have undergone extensive field testing and deployment by federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies including: National Guard Civil Support Teams, FEMA USAR teams.



Interoperability Solutions for Schools

Communications Interoperability is the ability of a team, group, or agency to talk to or exchange data with one another on demand, in real time, and when needed.

Examples include:

  • Fire, medical, and law enforcement
  • Hotel staff, hotel headquarters, and hotel security
  • Educators, security, and law enforcement
  • Local, county, state, and federal agencies

However, it’s almost guaranteed that the various users will be using incompatible devices. Communications Interoperability provides a powerful, easy-to-use means to link up different device types so all parties can talk to each other.

This incredibly versatile analog/VoIP gateway enables audio patching between local radio and IP-based resources such as JPS RoIP or JPS Bridge streams, SIP devices, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) applications, and more. While highly capable on its own, the RSP-Z2 integrates seamlessly with the Z-Series Controller to create an expandable, robust wide area interoperability system. Unique advanced features complement JPS’ continued attention to smooth integration with all half-duplex devices, and a growing list of audio streaming services ensures the complex challenge of patching these systems to radios or each other is handled with ease.


911inform is the only notification and emergency management solution that provides police dispatch, first-responders, and key building personnel with the tools to effectively mitigate any emergency situation. Our connected building platform provides emergency response teams with the bi-directional communication and controls needed to successfully manage a crisis situation and save valuable time. Can easily be implemented across a wide range of industries including hotels, malls, schools, hospitals, municipalities, and large public-access space.


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