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About Radio Resouce Inc.

Radio Resource was established in 1989 by Dale Wingrove, who while with Motorola worked with many top 100 companies solving complex communication problems and helping them become more efficient, cut waste and improve safety and security. His broad experience includes automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, tire plants, chemical plants, education, health care, oil field, small business, and various other industries.

Lack of reliable communications can adversely impact the effectiveness of any operation. Dale and his staff know how to help you maximize performance, effectiveness, and efficiency.

In addition to design, installation, and maintenance of hundreds of customer-owned radio communications systems, Radio Resource is a nationwide leader in providing short-term communication equipment for special events, plant or refinery turn-around, conventions, festivals, and sporting events. Radio Resource has been the provider for the NFL’s Super Bowl since 1991. Other events include the PAC-12 Football Championship, the Stanley Cup, Bolder Boulder, NFL Draft, Cherry Creek Arts Festival, and myriad others.

Motorola Platinum Channel PartnerRadio Resource is also a proud channel partner of Motorola Solutions, selling and servicing Motorola subscriber units and other products to customers along the entire front range and mountain communities.

Because of our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, reliability, and customer service, Radio Resource has become the trusted, go-to resource for Colorado companies and government agencies. Our expertise in system engineering and design, product features and capabilities, the TRBO platform and applications, FCC licensing assistance, installation and maintenance are additional advantages to our customers.

Let us be your resource for your communication needs. We can help provide solutions for your toughest communication issues in your facility, job site, or event venue.

Charities and Special Events

Radio Resource is proud to work with charities at a local and corporate level. Our experienced special advance staff have helped with communications at many charity events. Some of our charitable partners include:

Our Owners

Dale Wingrove / President

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Chuck Porter / Vice President

Chuck from day one has demonstrated great professionalism. His collaboration with me has always been personable and he has always confirmed to be a first-rate expert in Telecommunications. He is outstanding to work for.

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