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64 | 800-872-3884 • WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED CREATING SAFE HOSPITALS Leading-Edge Technologies for Hospitals on the Leading Edge Motorola Solutions’ Safe Hospitals technologies come together to efficiently keep hospitals secure and operations efficient — delivering the certainty of safety you need to deliver on your promise of quality care and patient satisfaction. Assuring administrators, caregivers and patients that situations are handled before they become incidents. Ensuring that when the unthinkable happens, there is technology in place to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. DETECT Overseeing your facility can be a challenge. Patients, visitors and staff are constantly coming and going. Securing your premises takes time and staff hours and grows increasingly difficult with your facility’s size and multiple campuses. From controlling multiple points of entry, monitoring staff, patient and visitor movements, and securing and monitoring sensitive areas, detection plays a critical role in improving situational awareness and decreasing response times to potential threats and operational problems. Detection Solutions • Video Security • Access Control • Watch List Alerting • Radio Alert ANALYZE You’re responsible for monitoring a large facility filled with secure areas, public spaces, critical equipment and hundreds of patients, visitors and staff. Identifying unwanted individuals, tracking persons of interest and recognizing hazardous situations in this environment is a demanding task. Analytic Solutions • Avigilon Appearance Search™ • Unusual Motion & Activity Detection • Identity Search • Focus of Attention COMMUNICATE Whether you are a security officer on-site with an aggravated patient or an administrator dealing with large- scale emergencies such as a perimeter breach, clear and timely communication is key to keeping your teams connected and informed. Communication Solutions • Two-Way Radio Communication • Broadband Push-to-X • NITRO (CBRS) • Dispatch Software RESPOND Whether it’s an everyday incident or an emergency situation, healthcare institutions need to communicate with each other to coordinate a response in the most efficient way possible. Being ready and aware is critical to ensuring your team can quickly respond to problems before they escalate. Respond Solutions • CommandCentral Aware Enterprise • Dynamic Interoperability • Ally Incident Management & Records TAKING HOSPITAL SAFETY TO THE NEXT LEVEL It’s time to reimagine what safety technology can do for your hospital — driving efficiencies, bolstering performance and helping you deliver on your promise of quality care and outcomes, patient satisfaction, efficient operations and a safe workplace. VIDEO SAFETY REIMAGINED: SAFE HOSPITALS