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Auto-Range Transpond System

When Constant Communication is Critical, ARTS™

Lets You Know Your Connection Status.

Designed with user safety in mind when you need to be in contact at all times. ARTS

is exclusively available in Vertex Standard radios and informs users when a radio gets

out of range with another ARTS-equipped radio.

How ARTS™ Works

ARTS is a dealer-activated feature that is programmable by channel. It permits radios

operating on the same frequency to monitor each other’s range in pre-programmed

intervals. There is no limit to the number of radios that can operate together, and it

works through a repeater system.

ARTS uses automatic polling whereby the radio automatically transmits once every 55 seconds (or 25 seconds as set by the Dealer)

in an attempt to “shake hands” with another ARTS-equipped radio. When a radio receives an incoming ARTS signal, a short beep

will sound and a message will be briefly displayed on LCD radios (“IN” or “IN RANGE”). If a user is out of range for more than two

minutes, a short triple-beep will sound and a message will appear on LCD radios (“OUT” or “OUT RANGE”).

When back in range and a proper handshake is made during polling, the audible alert will sound and “IN” or “IN RANGE” message

will appear again. Whether you talk or not, polling every 55 seconds (or 25 seconds) will continue.

ARTS II™ for Easier Monitoring

ARTS II leverages MDC-1200


signaling to provide easier monitoring. A user can see exactly which radios are in range and how

many. It is programmable by channel, and the user can monitor the connection status with a press of a button. Note: ARTS II only

works with other ARTS II-programmed radios.

Uses for ARTS™:

Search and rescue:

Using ARTS-equipped radios, field response teams that are called out to complete remote search and rescue

operations are equipped to maintain contact with base operations. With ARTS activated, field teams will be alerted when they are

out of range from base. The radio will transmit a triple beep to indicate when a unit is out of range, and then beep when the team

re-coordinates within range to help maintain contact with base operations at all times.

Remote worker safety:

Individuals who are working remotely and need to remain in contact with base operations can activate ARTS

on their radio to be notified when out of communication range, making it easier and more efficient for remote workers to remain in

contact hassle-free.

Radios with ARTS


VX-260 Series, VX-450 Series

VX-820 Series, VX-920 Series


VX-2100, VX-2200, VX-4500, VX-4600

VX-5500, VX-6000, VX-7200

Radios with ARTS II


VX-450 Series, EVX-530 Series


VX-4500/4600 Series, EVX--5300/5400 Series