Tait Public Safety Radios

Proven Mission-critical Communications Solutions P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2

Tait is dedicated to designing and delivering superior P25 solutions that are robust, interoperable, and secure. With a range of both P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 open standard-based elements, Tait can provide public safety agencies with complete end-to-end solutions to meet your unique organizational requirements.

Business Benefits

Officer Safety

Tait P25 voice communications are built with officer safety as top priority. When your people push the talk button, they need to be connected. Several emergency features, such as Lone Worker, Man Down, Location Services and Integrated GPS, help improve officer safety. Know the status and location of your people, ensuring help arrives in the quickest possible way.

Improved Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

The Tait P25 platform is engineered to enhance public safety agency performance and safety with the latest voice, data, network management and encryption features. Flawless voice, data and location services, remote network and device management and more combine to ensure you get the most from your network.

Smooth Migration

Our entire P25 range is designed to ensure smooth and seamless migration from your existing radio solution, at your own pace, providing uninterrupted communications every step of the way. Both the 9100 and 9400 series are capable of multiple modes, meaning you can continue using your old analog system, combined with your new P25 network, until you're ready to transition fully.

Cost Effective

Every detail of the Tait P25 platform has been designed to reduce the total cost of radio system ownership, allowing public safety agencies to deliver more to their users within their budgets and spectrum. By improving your performance today and future-proofing your network for tomorrow, our flexible, long-lasting P25 solutions give you confidence in your investment.

Peace of Mind

With expert design for extraordinary network redundancy and fault tolerance, the Tait P25 platform delivers radio availability of over 99.99%. Exceptional network coverage and resilience combine with our robust, reliable hardware to give public safety agencies a complete, dependable system they can trust in, especially when they need it most.

Secure Communications

With an award-winning key management facility and end-to-end 256 bit encryption, our P25 platform exceeds expectations on network security and information protection. By incorporating a comprehensive set of access control features and core network security, the Tait P25 solution ensures your data will stay in the hands of those you trust.

Technical Benefits

Rugged, Tait Tough Design

Our Tait P25 products and solutions are designed to withstand the challenging conditions that public safety agencies face every day. Our durable Tait Tough portables and mobiles surpass military specification tests and are proven to survive the harshest standards. Combined with our resilient system design, Tait P25 solutions give public safety users the complete confidence in their communications that they need to do their jobs.

Guaranteed Regulatory Compliance

Our standards-based P25 platform has been engineered to give public safety agencies an unparallelled advantage in meeting their regulatory and funding challenges. Tait P25 solutions are fully compliant with TIA P25 standards, offer software upgradeability to Phase 2, meet IECEx and ATEX standards, and provide a range of other features to exceed the changing compliance requirements of the public safety sector.

Clear Voice

Tait P25 portable and mobile radios are built to exceed international public safety standards with excellent sensitivity and range, crystal clear and reliable voice functionality, and a proven track record for radio frequency performance. The rubber armor, IMBE or AMBE +2 vocoders, water-shedding grille, and unique audio design that minimizes background noise ensure our portables continue to deliver in extreme environments.

True Interoperability and Flexibility

Tait is committed to open-standards and we comply fully with P25 open-standard technology. Our open standards design and approach delivers greater choice and increased vendor competition, giving you flexibility in your options. It also ensures you have genuine interoperability across your network, allowing you to communicate with multiple agencies and adjacent public safety networks with ease and confidence.

Network Efficiency and Coverage

We know the importance of using budgets to the fullest, so we ensure our experts design systems to be the most efficient they can be. Tait system design engineers work closely with you to ensure the final design delivers the very best performance possible, utilizing spectrally efficient trunking technology to maximize your network resources. Our accurate coverage expertise, tools and insight help us plan a network that guarantees coverage to meet -- or exceed -- the most critical performance quality measures.

Remote Management

Remote management and monitoring options enable you to keep your radio network healthy and operating. You'll be amazed how much you can accomplish from your desk with Tait OTAP, inbuilt diagnostics and access level control, multiple user accounts, remote fault diagnosis, and detailed alarm monitoring and management via IP. You can even migrate your 9400 radio fleet from analog to digital remotely!

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