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Quickly search for a person using his
or her access control credentials.

Intelligently integrate ID badges with the power of video to map personnel movement throughout your entire premises via scanned door badge activity linked with video feeds.

To extend your search in areas where doors and cameras are not associated, you can then launch Avigilon Appearance Search technology, from Identity Search, to run analytics on any analytics-enabled cameras to find where that person has been.

Intelligently Integrate ID Badges with The Power of Video

Analytic Technologies
Map Personnel
Movement On-Site
Visually Retrace a
Person’s Movement
Easily Navigate Video
and Access Control Events

Quickly search for a person using his or her access control credentials and map their movement throughout a premises via his or her scanned door badge activity.

Correlate scanned door badge activity with linked video feeds to run an appearance search and find a person’s last known locations in your facilities.

Monitor and manage access control events and related video within the same dashboard for a streamlined workflow.

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