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Cloud-based decision-making at scale.

Unify video, access control and intrusion management with Avigilon’s Decision Management System (DMS) module. Customizable workflows improve security response time and consistency. Access the 100% cloud-based DMS module anytime, anywhere in the world through Avigilon Unity Cloud Services.

100% Cloud-Based Decision Management Module

Streamline investigations with an intuitive interface, easily unify video, access control and intrusion management into a single screen.

Analytic Technologies
Simplify Decision
Collaborative Incident

The Avigilon Decision Management System (DMS) is a 100% cloud-based, intuitive decision-making tool to build a future-ready security team. Protect your people and sites with the DMS module’s multi-faceted security approach that leverages its deep integration with Motorola Solutions’ video and access control cloud-based platforms. Streamline investigations and make your security teams more agile and productive using a single-screen interface that unifies video, access control and intrusion management. Customize your procedures and improve the efficiency and consistency of your security team’s response, as the DMS module offers step-by-step instructions.

Single-Screen Interface
View threats and alerts faster with a single screen interface that integrates with Avigilon Unity, Alta and Orchestrate.

Simplify Decision-Making
Walk operators through each step of an incident and simplify interaction with security devices with the Operator Guide.

Collaborative Incident Reporting
Effortlessly review automated incident reports with detailed steps, images, videos and operator actions in one place.

Build Future-Ready Security
Accessible from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection, the DMS module is 100% cloud-based and is hosted in Avigilon Unity Cloud Services, making it incredibly flexible for security teams.

Simplify Decision-Making
The security operations center (SOC) team can easily design step-by-step procedures for each security incident, including technical issues. The Operator Guide in the module walks operators through each step of an incident, simplifies interaction with security devices and allows the addition of remarks or evidence.

Easy Compliance
Stay compliant using the DMS. Custom standard operating procedures (SOP) ensure adherence to legislation, insurance and regulatory requirements. Simplify compliance management and minimize risk with auditable incident reports.

Leverage The Power of An Integrated Ecosystem
Prevent threats and unauthorized access with intrusion alerts, threat review and access denial capabilities through integration with Avigilon Unity, Alta and Orchestrate. Maximize safety for your organization with the DMS module’s integration with Motorola Solutions’ video and access control cloud-based platforms.

Collaborative Incident Reporting
Security triggers generate an automated incident report of all steps and actions taken by operators in the control room. The information is well-organized, auditable and accessible. Incident reports offer details of all actions taken, comments, images and videos. When different operators collaborate on handling an incident, the report will detail each operator’s actions.

Maximize Security Intelligence
With easy-to-understand data on past incidents, DMS enables you to maximize your return on investment. Save time analyzing incident reports with the Data Explorer interface. Quickly search for incident data using a user-friendly interface and filter for instant search results and comprehensive reports.


  • Accessible from Anywhere
  • Prevent Threats and Unauthorized Access
  • Incredibly Flexible for Security Teams
  • Simplifies Interaction with Security Devices
  • Allows the Addition of Remarks or Evidence


  • View Threats And Alerts Faster
  • Improve Security Response Speed
  • Effortlessly Review Automated Incident Reports
  • Stay Compliant Using the DMS
  • Save Time Analyzing Incident Reports

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