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Comprehensive Security Incident
& Records Management Software

Security operations organizations grapple with rising numbers of physical security incidents. Adding to that challenge are high levels of staff turnover, potential liability exposure as well as an exploding volume of incident data and types. It’s easy to see why they need a security incident management solution that works hard for security operations so they can be empowered to focus on doing what they do best.

Whether you work in the Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics, or the Hospitality industry, your team can be subject to working in dangerous environments. Give your team the ability to seamlessly document your incidents with Ally.

Streamline Incident Management and Records End-To-End

Easily visualize incidents and device locations, capture, and report on incident details and communicate across devices.

Response & Report Technologies
Incident Records
Your Records
Make Proactive
Planning Decisions

Ally is a single, intuitive dispatch and incident management platform designed to capture and manage incident information in real time. This solution operates across multiple devices and provides users with the ability to analyze incident trends using easy, built-in reports, and act on improved insights for more security planning.

Easy to Use and Implement
Depending on the size of your organization, Ally can be implemented and ready to use in as little as three hours. Ally’s user-friendly design makes it easy to train employees online in as little as one hour, even those with little or no software experience.

Easy to Communicate
Ensure your team stays connected with fast, secure, and reliable voice communication and information sharing across workstations, smartphones, and radios. Equip your field personnel with the devices and networks you prefer: MOTOTRBO professional two-way radio, WAVE two-way radio, smartphone, or tablet. For dispatch and management, see where resources are located in real time, improving response time and efficiency.

Easy to Notify
In the event of an emergency, such as a hazardous material spill, inclement weather, or an active shooter, Ally’s mass notification capabilities get the critical information to the right people quickly and accurately. Using the same security software for your incident management and mass notification saves you money and streamlines critical operations.

Easy to Report
Enhance decision-making with embedded analytics and reports for fast-trend analysis, proactive security planning, and reduced liability. Customizable fields help you efficiently collect data and complete accurate reports. Daily activity logs and other built-in analytics summarize the data in your system to identify trends, adjust responses, and report to stakeholders.

Enhanced Decision-Making
An employee stumbles on a large crack in the sidewalk and bloodies his hand when he catches himself. He reports the incident to security. Security personnel log the incident into Ally. When management runs a periodic incident report, they can clearly see using Ally’s map-based analytics features that this wasn’t the first fall in that specific location. Steps are then quickly taken to repair the sidewalk to prevent additional injuries and liability issues.


  • Easy to Deploy and Use
  • Support for Multiple Devices
  • Cloud-Based Functionality
  • Instant Alerts and Alarms
  • Track and Share Workflows
  • Simple Contact Tracing


  • Simplified Security Operations
  • Streamlined Communications
  • Improved Insights
  • Real-Time Decisions
  • Save Time

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