Motorola MOTOTRBO eBrochure

99 | 800-872-3884 • WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY EXTERNAL PUSH-TO-TALK (PTT) Activate the PTT or emergency footswitch without having to use the mobile microphone. A simple pushbutton PTT can be held in the hand or mounted in your vehicle for easy access, while the emergency footswitch lets you discreetly activate emergency hands-free when a critical situation arises. MOBILE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER Pushbutton Push-To-Talk to Interface with your Visor Microphone RLN5926 Emergency Footswitch can be used with a Visor Microphone RLN5929 Remote Mount Footswitch Push-to-Talk to Interface with your Visor Microphone RLN4856 Remote Mount Pushbutton Push-to-Talk to Interface with your Visor Microphone RLN4857 External PTT with Emergency Footswitch RLN4836 Gooseneck PTT RLN4858A OPTIMIZED FOR DIGITAL Make sure to only use Motorola audio accessories with this digital symbol, it indicates these accessories have been optimized for performance in both digital and analog mode. All accessories with this symbol have been certified and approved for XPR ™ 2500 mobile radios. XPR 4000 SERIES XPR 5000 XPR 5000e SERIES XPR 2500 SERIES