97 | 800-872-3884 • WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM 75 COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES MICROPHONES Keypad microphones let you easily navigate menus on your XPR 4550 or XPR 5550, dial phone numbers and send text messages. The heavy-duty microphone is easy to use while wearing gloves and the telephone-style handset enables more discreet communication. MOBILE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER MICROPHONE STYLE IMPRES Standard Compact Microphone RMN5052 Compact IMPRES Heavy-Duty Microphone RMN5053 Heavy-Duty • IMPRES Telephone Style Handset HMN4098 Telephone Style Handset • IMPRES Visor Microphone RMN5054 Visor • Desktop Microphone RMN5050 Desktop Compact Microphone PMMN4090 Compact Heavy-Duty Microphone PMMN4091 Heavy-Duty Keypad Microphone PMMN4089 Keypad Visor Microphone GMMN4065 Visor Telephone Style Handset with Hang-up Cup PMLN6481 Telephone Style Handset Desktop Microphone PMMN4098 Desktop XPR 4000 SERIES XPR 2500 SERIES XPR 5000 XPR 5000e SERIES