95 WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM 800-872-3884 VERTICAL MARKETS: Recommendations based on typical use case for each of the verticals listed. PRIVATE SECURITY HOSPITALITY AND RETAIL EDUCATION (CAMPUSES) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • EARPIECE TYPE: Choose the right fit for your operations – a simple, low cost, discreet earbud or the rugged, high performance CommPort ™ style earpiece. COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES SURVEILLANCE ACCESSORY REPLACEMENT KITS CP 200 d AND SL 300 SERIES PORTABLE RADIOS SURVEILLANCE ACCESSORY REPLACEMENT KITS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER EARPIECE TYPE COMPATIBLE SURVEILLANCE KITS Replacement standard clear rubber eartip for RLN6242. Pack of 50 RLN6282 Clear Rubber Eartip PMLN6536, PMLN6530, PMLN6445, PMLN7157, PMLN7158 Extreme Noise Kit with 2 foam earplugs, black clip (for PMLN6536) RLN6230 Foam Eartip PMLN6536 Replacement standard clear rubber eartip, pack of 10 67009254001 Clear Rubber Eartip PMLN6530 PMLN6445 CP200d CP200d SL300 SERIES COMMERCIAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES