93 WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM 800-872-3884 VERTICAL MARKETS: Recommendations based on typical use case for each of the verticals listed. SIZE (MM) TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS MANUFACTURING AND CONSTRUCTION UTILITIES OR PUBLIC SERVICE OIL AND GAS PRIVATE SECURITY HOSPITALITY AND RETAIL EDUCATION (CAMPUSES) Small 55 x 60 x 27 • • • • Small 55 x 60 x 27 • • • • • • Small 49 x 72 x 23 • • • • • WINDPORTING (MOTOROLA EXCLUSIVE) OR NOISE-CANCELLING: Windporting reduces the effect of wind and other outdoor noises on your microphone performance and prevents water from clogging the microphone and distorting your transmission. Noise-cancelling microphones negates crowd or machinery noise so your voice comes through loud and clear anytime you speak directly into the microphone. AUDIO JACK (3.5mm non-threaded): Connect a variety of comfortable earpiece styles to the remote speaker microphone for a more discreet communication option. EARPIECE TYPE: Choose the right fit for your operations – a simple, low cost, discreet earbud or the rugged, high performance CommPort ™ style earpiece. IP RATING: The international standard for rating dust and water protection. The first digit represents the level of dust protection: 5 provides excellent protection from dust. The second digit represents water protection. IP54 provides protection from water sprayed from all directions, IP55 protects against driving rain, and IP57 resists submersion in 1 meter of fresh water for 30 minutes. COMMERCIAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES