83 WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM 800-872-3884 COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY CABLES MOBILE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER Ignition Sense Cable RKN4136 Mobile and Repeater Rear Accessory Programming Cable PMKN4010 Mobile and Repeater Rear Programming, Test and Alignment Cable PMKN4016 Mobile Rear Accessory Connector Universal Cable PMKN4018 Mobile Front Programming Cable HKN6184 Hardware Kit for Rear Accessory Connector PMLN5072 Mobile Front Programming Cable PMKN4147 Mobile Rear Accessory Connector Universal Cable PMKN4151 Rear Accessory Connector Seal with Connector and Pins GMBN1021 Rear Accessory Connector USB Programming Cable PMLN4148 16 Pin Accessory Connector Kit HLN9457 Connector Extender, 20 pieces PMLN5620 Gasket, Cover, Accessory Connector 3202607Y01 Mobile Crimping tool 6680388A26 XPR 4000 SERIES XPR 2500 SERIES XPR 5000 XPR 5000 e SERIES PROFESSIONAL MOBILE RADIO ACCESSORIES