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8 | 800-872-3884 • WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED CREATING SAFE STADIUMS Keep Up with the Speed of Technology on One Unified Platform Motorola Solutions’ Safe Stadiums technologies come together to efficiently keep staff and visitors secure — providing the certainty of safety you need to deliver on your promise. Reassuring everyone who comes through your gates that potential threats can be identified and resolved before they escalate. Ensuring that if the unthinkable happens, there are plans and technology in place to respond as quickly as possible. So you can remain focused on what’s most important — efficiently bringing fans through the turnstiles, continually stocking food outlets with favorites and, ultimately, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere for visitors. DETECT Overseeing a large, multifaceted facility can be a challenge. From managing and streamlining guest and staff entries to ensuring the safety of widespread perimeters, detection plays a critical role in minimizing potential threats at your facility. Detection Solutions • TipSubmit • License Plate Recognition • Video Security • Watch List Alerting • Access Control • Radio Alert ANALYZE You’re responsible for monitoring a large and diverse facility filled with secure areas, public areas, critical equipment and thousands of guests and employees. Scouring through collected data in order to recognize concerns across your stadium is a demanding and time-consuming task. Technology can help simplify that process. Analytic Solutions • Avigilon Appearance Search™ • Unusual Motion & Activity Detection • Identity Search • Focus of Attention COMMUNICATE Whether it’s a typical day of funneling hundreds of guests through the turnstiles or an emergency situation, clear and timely communication is key to creating a safe and connected stadium experience. Communication Solutions • Two-Way Radio Communication • Broadband Push-to-X • NITRO (CBRS) • Dispatch Software RESPOND Being ready and aware is critical to ensuring your team can quickly respond to problems before they escalate. Emergency connectivity ensures instant response of first responders to your stadium. Respond Solutions • CommandCentral Aware Enterprise • Communication: Mass Notification • Dynamic Interoperability • Ally Incident Management & Records TAKING STADIUM SAFETY TO THE NEXT LEVEL It’s time to reimagine what safety technology can do for your stadium — driving efficiencies, bolstering performance and helping you deliver on your promise of an efficient, safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. VIDEO SAFETY REIMAGINED: SAFE STADIUMS