62 | 800-872-3884 • WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM MOTOTRBO PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES 40 CATALOG | MOTOTRB O PROFESSIONAL SERIES RADIO ACCESSORIES COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES ENHANCED OPERATIONS CRITICAL WIRELESS PORTABLE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER EARPIECE TYPE MICROPHONE PTT TALK TIME (HOURS) 5/5/90 DUTY CYCLE CHARGE TIME (HOURS) WEIGHT (GRAMS) Enhanced Operations Critical Wireless Adapter with Touch Pairing PMLN5993 N/A N/A On Adapter 35 Enhanced Operations Critical Wireless Earpiece with 12 inch Cable and Push-To-Talk Pod NTN2570 Over-the-Ear (CommPort ™ ) Directional, above the Earpiece On PTT Pod 10 3 43 Enhanced Operations Critical Wireless Push-To-Talk Pod NTN2571 N/A N/A On PTT Pod 10 3 43 OPERATIONS CRITICAL WIRELESS COMPLETELY DISCREET KIT Must order all 3 items for the complete solution - PMLN7696, NNTN8385 and NNTN8127. Completely Discreet Earpiece Kit (includes RLN4920 Phonak Inductive Neckloop and RLN4921 Phonak Phonito) PMLN7696 Completely discreet On Y-adapter (order separately) On Pod (order separately) Wireless Neckloop Y-adapter and Retention Hook NNTN8385 Separate wire On Pod (order separately) Wireless Push-to-Talk Pod NNTN8127 On Y-adapter (order separately) On PTT Pod XPR 6000 SERIES* (EXCEPT XPR 6100) XPR 6000 SERIES* XPR 6000 SERIES* XPR 7000 XPR 7000e SERIES SL 7000 SL 7000e SERIES * Bluetooth is not embedded in radio. Separate external adapter is required. SL 3500e