54 800-872-3884 WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES MOTOROLA ORIGINAL ® TWO-WAY RADIO BATTERIES The only batteries developed, tested and certified for optimal performance with your MOTOTRBO radio. MOTOTRBO batteries are Proven Tough, in lab test after lab test, to withstand shocks, knocks, drops and shakes and outperform the other brands. PORTABLE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER IMPRES CHEMISTRY TYPICAL RATED CAPACITY (mAh) APPROXIMATE OPERATIONAL TIME (HOURS) 5/5/90 DUTY CYCLE LEGACY NEW IMPRES 3000 mAh low voltage battery for use with Silent Alert Belt Clip (PMLN7296); battery only PMMN4488 • Li-Ion 3000 Analog: 13.5 Digital: 18 21 28 IMPRES 1950 mAh battery Submersible (IP68), -30ºC rated PMNN4525 • Li-Ion 1950 Analog: 11 Digital: 15 13 18 IMPRES Hi-Cap Li-Ion 2350 mAh battery Submersible (IP67) NNTN8129 • Li-Ion 2350 Analog: 12 Digital: 17.5 N/A IMPRES Hi-Cap Li-Ion 2500 mAh battery Submersible (IP57) NNTN8560 • Li-Ion 2500 Analog: 12.5 Digital: 18.5 N/A IMPRES Hi-Cap Li-Ion 2900 mAh low voltage battery IP68) PMNN4489 • Li-Ion 2900 N/A Analog: 20.5 Digital: 27 IMPRES Hi-Cap Li-Ion 2900 mAh low voltage battery (IP68) PMNN4490 • Li-Ion 2900 N/A Analog: 20 Digital: 26.5 BT100x Li-Ion 2300 mAh Battery PMNN4468 Li-Ion 2300 14 Replacement Battery Cover for PMNN4468 PMLN6745 BT90 Li-Ion 1800 mAh Battery HKNN4013 Li-Ion 1800 11.5 Replacement Battery Cover for HKNN4013 PMLN6001 BT7X Li-Ion 1400 mAh Battery PMNN4425 Li-Ion 1400 8.5 Replacement Battery Cover for PMNN4425 PMLN6000 XPR 7000 XPR 7000e SERIES XPR 3000e SERIES XPR 7000e SERIES SL 7000 SL 7000e SERIES XPR 7000 XPR 7000e SERIES XPR 3000 XPR 3000e SERIES PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES