44 800-872-3884 WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM EARPIECE TYPE: Choose the right fit for your operations – a simple, low cost, discreet earbud or the rugged, high performance CommPort ™ style earpiece. MICROPHONE: The in-line microphone on the earbud earpiece is designed for general use, while the directional microphone on the CommPort ™ style earpiece is ideal for lower noise environments. XPR 6000 SERIES XPR 6000 SERIES XPR 7000 XPR 7000e SERIES SL 7000 SL 7000e SERIES XPR 6000 SERIES XPR 7000 XPR 7000e SERIES PROFESSIONAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES OPERATIONS CRITICAL WIRELESS BLUETOOTH ® ACCESSORIES This portfolio is a game changer, giving you the flexibility to remove the radio from your belt and stay connected within 30 feet. PORTABLE RADIOS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER EARPIECE TYPE MICROPHONE PTT TALK TIME (HOURS) 5/5/90 DUTY CYCLE CHARGE TIME (HOURS) WEIGHT (GRAMS) Operations Critical Wireless Bluetooth Adapter PMLN5712 N/A N/A On Adapter 30 Operations Critical Wireless Remote Speaker Microphone with Battery and Belt clip and Dual Unit Charger RLN6562 N/A Omni directional, Windporting equivalent On Microphone 28 3 158 XBT Operations Critical Wireless Behind-the-Neck Headset RLN6490 Dual-Muff Boom On Ear Cup 22 7 429 XBT Operations Critical Wireless Headband Style Headset RLN6491 Dual-Muff Boom On Ear Cup 22 7 422