800-872-3884 WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM 000 0000 .DE LER.COM 30 INDUSTRY INSIGHTS ENERGY TAKE YOUR OIL AND GAS WORKPLACE COMMUNICATIONS FURTHER What if your staff could communicate with each other instantly and securely through push- to-talk (PTT) communications between smartphones, laptops, tablets, radios, landlines, or other connected devices? What if it did not matter where they were in the world, or to what network – LTE, LMR, LAN, WiFi – they were connected? What if they were able to use a rich application ecosystem and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to extract valuable intelligence from the flood of data, and then share that information instantly with the team members who most need to know? This capability exists today. Take the first step toward a safer, more successful, and more efficient business by taking your communications further with Team Communications from Motorola Solutions. Your staff can connect instantly, without boundaries, and with key information at their fingertips. The safety of all team members and the organization overall is enhanced. The intelligence to improve productivity can be shared immediately with the team members who most need to know. A rich ecosystem of applications to streamline workflows and make your business more efficient awaits. Boost your team’s satisfaction and your company’s bottom line with Team Communications from Motorola Solutions in challenging circumstances. COMMUNICATE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES TO BOOST SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY Improve workplace efficiency with Unified Team Communications for Oil and Gas for any team member: Communicate Seamlessly, Communicate with Added Intelligence, Communicate without Boundaries. HOSPITALITY INSTANT TEAM COMMUNICATIONSFOR A FIVE-STAR GUEST EXPERIENCE Team Communications for hospitality offers a flexible platform so your teams stay connected and informed no matter their device or network. They can communicate instantly and securely via push-to-talk (PTT) between smartphones, radios, computers, landlines or any other devices. You can also augment your communications system with a rich application ecosystem for additional operational context and intelligence. Now you can select the right device for each worker, confident they can communicate and collaborate with each other. Visiting event teams and contractors who bring their own devices can also become part of the Team Communication system, ensuring guests receive great service from staff who have instant access to information, on the spot. The Team Communications platform unifies your teams and helps to send guest satisfaction scores soaring. DELIVER THE POWER OF DATA TO HOSPITALITY TEAMS WITH INTELLIGENT APPS ON ANY NETWORK OR DEVICE Improve workplace efficiency with Unified Team Communications for any Hospitality team member: General Manager, Maintenance, Guest Services Manager, Staff. MANUFACTURING FASTER, DATA-POWERED COMMUNICATIONS FOR SAFER MANUFACTURING Smart manufacturers can seize the opportunities and hurdle the challenges of the modern marketplace with Team Communications. Your personnel can connect instantly – on any device, on any network, anywhere – utilizing the same radio talkgroups as your radio users. A wide variety of applications from the industry’s largest two-way radio developer network help keep employees safe, boost efficiency, and minimize downtime. Keep your team engaged and aware, sharing ideas, solving problems, and building the future of your business with Motorola Solutions Team Communications. DELIVER THE POWER OF DATA TO MANUFACTURING TEAMS WITH INTELLIGENT APPS ON ANY NETWORK OR DEVICE Improve workplace efficiency with Unified Team Communications for any manufacturing team member: Executive, Dispatch, Plant Manager, Production.