106 800-872-3884 WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM COMPATIBILITY ACCESSORY FEATURES SINGLE-UNIT AND MULTI-UNIT CHARGERS CP 200 d AND SL 300 SERIES PORTABLE RADIOS CHARGER SOLUTIONS DESCRIPTION PART NUMBER CHEMISTRY POWER SOURCE DIMENSIONS (MM) NUMBER OF POCKETS Rapid-Rate Desktop Charger, 120V (US Plug) WPLN4138 Li-Ion, NiMH 120V 52 x 113 x 113 1 Rapid-Rate Charger with switchmode power supply, 120V (US Plug) PMLN5193 Li-Ion, NiMH 120V 52 x 113 x 113 1 Universal Multi-Unit Charger, includes 6-inserts compatible with CP200d, PR400, CP200.XLS, CP200, CP150, 120V (US plug) PMLN6588 Li-Ion, NiMH 120V 79 x 447 x 172 6 Charging Insert for Universal Multi-Unit Charger (PMLN6588), compatible with CP200d, CP200, CP150, PR400, CP200·XLS NNTN8460 NEED IMAGE Travel Charger with voltage regulated vehicular charger adapter, custom charger base, mounting bracket, and coil cord PMLN7089* Li-Ion, NiMH Cigarette Lighter Adapter 58 x 64 x 67 1 CP200d * Coming soon (target Fall 2014) COMMERCIAL PORTABLE RADIO ACCESSORIES NUMBER OF POCKETS: MOTOTRBO multi-unit chargers let you simultaneously charge up to 6 radios and/or batteries. The unique tri-unit charger for the SL Series enables you to charge a radio, spare battery and wireless device simultaneously. MATERIAL: Choose from comfortable and flexible nylon cases, rugged, durable hard leather cases or carry holsters.