10 800-872-3884 WWW.RADIORESOURCE.COM RADIO SELECTION GUIDE TWO-WAY RADIO SELECTION GUIDE Versatile and powerful, to keep your staff connected. Motorola’s diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios enable you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your mobile workforce. Ideal for use by a variety of industries looking to remain competitive in today’s market, Motorola radios deliver a high-quality communication solution designed to help increase efficiency, productivity and worker safety while lowering operating costs. MANUFACTURING Make it easy for all staff, from line workers to maintenance to security, to collaborate as a single, unified work team while increasing productivity and worker safety. TRANSPORTATION AND LOGISTICS Deliver goods safely and efficiently while increasing customer service with accurate, real-time information. EDUCATION Give staff and faculty constant access to critical information and enhance safety and efficiency in your schools. HOSPITALITY Communicate discreetly for seamless coordination of your entire service staff and enhanced customer service. Commercial and Professional Uses Portable and Mobile Radios The right two-way radio can empower an entire organization by providing real-time information to your workforce. Suddenly, fleet members are more effective and informed. Individuals can make more meaningful contributions to the overall business objective. Significant savings in travel time and money are realized. Safety and efficiency are no longer mutually exclusive. Motorola has portable radios perfect for employees who work on-site in hospitality, manufacturing and retail enterprises, as well as mobile radios perfect for employees in transportation, delivery and public service sectors. Motorola two-way radios – Transforming the enterprise, Empowering the individual. Whether your workforce is comprised of employees primarily located on-site at your facility, mobile in vehicles or a combination of both, two-way radios enable your employees to stay connected. Portable radios are ideal for employees who work on-site; mobile radios are installed in vehicles and ideal for your on-the-go workforce. Depending on the features and functionality needed for your business, Motorola’s portable and mobile radios have both commercial and professional types.