Motorola Bluetooth® Audio Accessories

Motorola Bluetooth Audio Accessories

Get More Freedom And Flexibility With Bluetooth Designed For Business

This portfolio is a game changer, giving you the flexibility to remove the radio from your belt and stay connected within 30 feet. Your people rely on clear, continuous communication wherever their work takes them. And you rely on the Motorola radio system to keep them connected, current and collaborative. From the grounds crews on a golf course to security personnel at a sporting event to the receptionist at a resort, sharing information instantly and easily is absolutely critical – operations critical – to running business smoothly.

With Motorola Operations Critical Wireless accessories, you'll find flexible, cost-effective Bluetooth® solutions that give your people more freedom in their communications and more mobility in their work day. So they can move without wires, converse discreetly and even take their radio off their belt whenever the job requires it.

Comfort And Clarity You Can Count On

Whether a maintenance crew wants to leave their radios by their toolbox and connect within easy reach (up to 30 feet away) or a security team wants to wear covert earbuds that look just like a consumer device, Motorola has an accessory that fits their activities and your operations perfectly.

Ruggedly reliable and Bluetooth certified, our progressive portfolio ranges from lightweight, high-performing earbuds and earpieces to a wireless push-to-talk (PTT) pod you can put in a pocket and link to any accessory. All without the inconvenience of wires that can get caught or tangled.

Motorola's earbuds and earpieces provide voice communication with exceptional clarity and the freedom to move even without the radio attached to your hip. Now the groundskeeper can conveniently leave his radio in the cart and still communicate while trimming bushes or the hotel receptionist can leave the radio on the desk and confer unobtrusively with staff while welcoming guests.

How Do Operations Critical Wireless Accessories Help Me?

They free you from being physically connected to the radio. This means a line worker can put the radio on a shelf and communicate. A receptionist can place her radio out of sight and confer unobtrusively with staff while welcoming guests. Or a sports trainer can leave the radio in a medical bag while he tends to injured athletes on the field.

Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth® Accessories

Your officers and detectives need wireless accessories that are remarkably fast, secure, robust and easy to use. Yet off-the-shelf Bluetooth products lack the performance, security and comfort they require. That's why Motorola developed enhanced Bluetooth accessory solutions for APX™ portable radios. Motorola's portfolio is the choice of first responders in the moments that matter most.

Only Motorola's mission-critical wireless is designed to meet the critical criteria that first responders demand for secure and reliable wireless communications.

  • Easy, Secure Pairing
  • Loud, Clear Audio
  • Reliable, Encrypted Voice Communication
  • All-Day Comfort

Critical Voice And Data On Demand

With enhanced security, quick pairing and fast push-to-talk (PTT), Motorola's APX Mission Critical Wireless portfolio stands out in meeting this most critical criteria. When you use their accessories with Bluetooth-enabled APX radios, you can be sure every data transmission and every word gets through.

Just "Touch" And Go

Motorola's accessories pair with just a "touch" and connect in less than 10 seconds - even around other Bluetooth devices. Grab an earpiece or earbuds, place the PTT pod within an inch of any APX portable and securely pair. There's no need to enter codes or navigate through menus.

Every Transmission Is Secure

While the APX radio is pairing, a Bluetooth ID and a strong 128-bit key are exchanged to encrypt the Bluetooth link.

Field-Tested By First Responders

Motorola created their industry-leading Mission Critical Wireless accessories to complement APX radios. Unlike off-the-shelf devices, they are specifically designed for first responders. Skillfully engineered, they're very comfortable during long shifts and easily fit under helmets and gear.

When your radio is hidden for covert operations or out of easy reach, use the Mission Critical Wireless PTT pod - in a pocket or on a jacket - to access it instantly and seamlessly.

Mission Critical Wireless Earpieces and Earbuds are so robust, they handle the most strenuous activities. Yet they are so comfortable, first responders tell Motorola they forget they're wearing them. Motorola's accessories stay snugly in place throughout a 10-hour shift and don't need recharging the entire time.

Since Motorola's accessories provide cutting-edge audio and exceptional clarity, you can be sure messages will come through clearly in the noisiest environments. World-trusted and field-tested, they stand up to the most mission-critical situations.

Choose How To Blend In And Securely Connect

All Mission Critical Wireless Accessory Solutions compatible with: APX 4000, APX 6000, APX 6000XE, APX 7000, APX 7000XE, SRX 2200

APX Mission Critical Wireless Push-To-Talk Pod

When your radio is out of reach, use the APX Mission Critical Wireless PTT pod in your pocket or on a jacket. With its large PTT button and volume control, it can be operated effortlessly, even with gloves on.

APX Mission Critical Wireless Earpiece

Exceptional, High Performance and Comfortable

Count on hearing messages loud and clear when you're on the move - with a small, clear earpiece that enhances your situational awareness and powerful behind-the-ear microphone. Now you can hear communications clearly without blocking out external sounds around you.

APX Mission Critical Wireless Single-Wire Earbud

Both the single-wire and 2-wire earbuds look like consumer devices, so officers appear to be talking on phones or listening to music. Motorola's earbuds stay snug and secure in the ear, so you can communicate confidently on the go. An in-line microphone on top of the earbud makes it ideal for noisier environments. (The pod which powers the earbuds must be ordered separately.)

APX Mission Critical Wireless Covert Audio Kit

Made for surveillance with accessories that match your undercover operations. Kit is equipped with a variety of consumer-looking, professional caliber accessories. This includes 2 sets of two-wire earbud headphones (1 black and 1 white), a single-wire earbud headphone and an industry-unique 3.5mm adapter so you can plug in any consumer off-the-shelf headphones to the wireless PTT pod. Place the pod in a pocket or jacket for easy access and extra discretion. (The pod which powers the earbuds must be ordered separately.)

Flexible And Covert Communication Options

APX Mission Critical Wireless Completely Discreet Kit. Ideal for the most covert situations where moving freely without drawing attention is a must. With the tiny receiver totally hidden in the ear and the communications loop under a shirt or jacket, you can listen to your radio in complete privacy - no one can see any equipment. Hide the microphone under a lapel or similar to communicate securely while concealing the radio in a briefcase or backpack.

Conceal All Visible Communications Equipment

Covert Pack-N-Go Kit

Organize and stow all your APX wireless accessories on the go, all in one place. Keep this durable kit in a backpack or messenger bag and have the right accessories on hand for each situation. With a dozen secure straps and deep mesh pockets, you can access exactly what you need when an operation happens. Choose between 2 fully equipped kits or the case only.


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