Harris XG-15P Portable Radio

Harris XG-15P

The user-friendly XG-15P single-band portable radio operates at 700/800 MHz, VHF and UHF-H and is designed for public agencies and private enterprises seeking to enhance communications capabilities. This radio is conveniently packaged with the desired software, antenna, belt-clip, battery and charger for one low price – making the XG-15P the perfect choice for budget-conscious agencies.


  • Single-key DES encryption
  • Enhanced audio quality by AMBE+2 Vocoder
  • Meets MIL standards for durability
  • Full keypad and LCD screen
  • Available in VHF, UHF-H and 700/800 MHz

The XG-15P portable radio is simple to operate, so users may focus on the task rather than on radio function. Single-key DES encryption and Encryption Lite are standard. Single-key DES interoperates across the industry. Encryption Lite allows communication with commonly available encrypted radios using a 40-bit key. Instant recall of received audio replays the last transmission received to avoid repetition. The AMBE+2™ vocoder provides clear voice quality even in noisy environments. The vocoder also controls distortion that may occur from shouting into the microphone.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

With a total weight of 13.8 ounces with a Lithium Ion battery, the XG-15P is one of the lightest radios on the market. From the keypad buttons to the battery, each aspect of the radio has been developed to provide a better user experience. The knobs and buttons are designed to be strong enough to protect against impact and are shaped to avoid incidental changes while still being easily managed by users wearing gloves.

Available Radio Packages

Every XG-15P package includes an antenna, single-bay charger, Li-Ion battery, and belt clip at no additional charge. Packages are available for P25 conventional, P25 Phase 1 trunking, and P25 Phase 2 trunking.

Future Ready

The XG-15P is an economical investment that agencies can rely on as transitions occur to p25 technology. The portable radio supports wideband and narrowband channels (per applicable regulatory standards), and its software-defined architecture allows field upgrading to operating modes such as P25 Phase 2 trunking. The XG-15P is designed to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s users.

Operating Modes

  • P25 Phase 1
  • P25 Phase 2
  • P25 Digital Conventional
  • Conventional Analog


The XG-15P offers a full complement of accessories that operate under the extreme conditions experienced by public service users and first responders.

Audio Accessories

The XG-15P can be used with a wide variety of audio accessories including speaker microphones, headsets, and covert audio accessories to provide a complete user-gear solution for the public service and first responder markets. Covert audio kits are available in black or beige, and in 2-wire or 3- wire configurations with earpiece, microphone, and PTT.

Carrying Cases

Harris offers a versatile line of carrying cases for the XG-15P radio. Every XG-15P radio package ships with a standard belt clip. Optional accessories include a premium belt loop which affords the radio user a low-profile, integrated carrying option. In addition, a premium leather holster is available for attaching to a belt or wearing with the premium leather shoulder strap.


The XG-15P can be used with two types of adapters: Bluetooth® Adapter and GPS Adapter. The Bluetooth Adapter allows the radio to interface with Harris Bluetooth accessories. The GPS Adapter enables the radio to transmit a user’s geographic location to dispatchers to provide quick and accurate position tracking. With a GPS Adapter, there is no need for an external GPS speaker microphone.

Additional Accessories Available

Antennas, Bluetooth speaker microphones, Bluetooth covert earpieces, Lithium batteries, PC programming software, and cables are available.