CommandCentral Aware Integration

CommandCentral Aware Integration

As you invest in technologies to more effectively aid those in the field, various systems overloading you with information may be making it difficult. Better support real-time operations from the command center by combining voice, data, and video into a single, integrated position with CommandCentral Aware.

CommandCentral Aware aggregates and integrates streaming video, real-time alerts, advanced data analytics, resource tracking, social media analytics, voice, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), records information, and more into a single, intuitive interface with layered geospatial mapping.

It allows Intelligence Operators and Analysts in a control room or other operational environment to communicate actionable intelligence via voice and data to field staff.

Analysts and Investigators can also use CommandCentral Aware to support investigations and strategic planning.


CommandCentral Aware Demonstration

View camera locations, CAD incidents, personnel location, and alerts from a single position – organized how you like. These typically disparate sources of data can be viewed simultaneously on a map and an activity monitor with related information correlated together. Stay organized by creating rulesets to trigger automated actions based on specific event occurrences.

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