Body-Worn Camera Integration

Avgilon Body-Worn Camera Integration

Staff in public-facing roles who don’t feel safe at work are more likely to leave the company, utilize employer healthcare services at a higher rate, or bring insurance and legal claims against the employer when a safety incident occurs. Employers who provide body-worn cameras as part of an employee health, safety, and accountability program can find success in reducing workplace security and safety threats and its negative impact on their business and customers.

Motorola Solutions VT100 body-worn cameras are designed to extend and enrich your current video security program by providing live, first-person perspective video and audio from confrontational incidents between staff members and the public.

When implemented alongside fixed-video deployments and integrated with Avigilon Control Center (ACC), activation of a body-worn camera recording generates a motion start event in ACC software and displays the camera’s live video feed to the system operator alongside video feeds from fixed cameras, allowing security personnel to gain complete situational awareness and respond accordingly.


Discreet & Unobtrusive
Lightweight, unobtrusive cameras are easily assigned to staff and attached to uniforms like ID badges.

High-Quality Video
Captures evidential-quality footage for viewing by security staff and sharing with prosecution when required.

Long-Lasting & Easy-To-Use
Six-month stand-by battery life means staff doesn’t need to worry about charging the device often, and no training is required to operate.

Easy Camera Allocation For Staff
Organizations with a large workforce can rapidly and efficiently allocate body-worn cameras by swiping an RFID tag or company ID card.

Integrated Model

Up to 16 Body-Worn Camera Channels Supported in ACC

Avigilon Integrated Model


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