Avigilon-Nitro Integration

Avigilon-Nitro Integration

The Avigilon-Nitro integration provides a reliable, private network to deliver and support a strong video security solution for remote, large, or dense sites.

Organizations can deploy enterprise-grade network solutions to support their growing video security demands. Nitro integration with Avigilon fixed video security offers the ideal solution where commercial broadband and traditional Wifi struggle to meet the demands of business-critical operations due to limited range, lower capacity, less predictability, and potentially expensive installation costs for wired connections. Nitro by Motorola Solutions is the first fully-managed Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) platform that combines private broadband data with business-critical voice, delivering enterprise-grade private broadband that outperforms WiFi, while providing simplicity and full control.

This integrated technology solution allows you to:

  • Achieve a stable and private network that is capable of delivering a low-latency and secured connection
  • Deploy a private network without compromising on data privacy, while remaining budget conscious
  • Have a versatile video security system that is flexible and scalable as needs grow in the future


Two to four times the range of Wi-Fi per access point

Nitro offers improved coverage, capacity, security, and performance over an existing WiFi network. Alternatively, it can be used to complement an existing WiFi network.

Greater coverage, security, and privacy

The Nitro network exceptionally out performs the capabilities of traditional broadband and WiFi for data in motion, as it keeps all data local. Unlike traditional cellular networks, the Nitro network is a private broadband network meaning that all data is kept locally and private for the customer. No data is transmitted to a centralized head end.

Reliable outdoor coverage

Infrastructure is readily available to be put in place that provides indoor and outdoor coverage for the Nitro network. This allows for superior outdoor coverage, as there is the capability to expand on the infrastructure requirements based on the end-user’s coverage needs.

Nitro with Wireless Avigilon Cameras

Nitro with Wireless Avigilon Cameras

  • Avigilon cameras use Nitro LTE network as a wireless backhaul
  • Cameras connect to access points via a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) device
  • CPE devices bridge ethernet communications capability with CBRS wireless protocol
  • Avigilon server equipment connects into the Nitro networking gear to process video stream data
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